Stop war. To Heal 7 generations of people with trauma.


The Temple of Love brings the message that war should end and wishes to help people to release the tension from all kinds of trauma and/or others pains. Entire families carry the scars of war, hindering their ability to live happy and peaceful lives. That’s why war needs to stop. The Temple of Love believes the answer is to build a world piece temple together, to as a start to be a peaceful generations and we all can live together.
Everybody is welcome in this world. 

My name is Yildiz Celie (1979) and I was born in Wognum, The Netherlands, a small village in the province of North Holland. I would like to emphasize the importance of our world leaders putting an end to war. By stopping the cycle of war, we can begin to heal seven generations of people who have been affected by trauma.

I firmly believe that war lays a significant burden on human lives. The patterns of suffering and trauma, consciously and unconsciously passed down through the generations, contribute to issues such as domestic violence, abuse, and depression among others.

Much of the violence we witness today has its roots in past wars that our world has endured. By putting an end to violence, we create an environment where true healing can take place. The means and methods for healing are often closer than we realize, deeply embedded in nearly forgotten cultures and within the realm of modern science.

Let us coexist and embrace freedom together. Every individual is welcome in this world. We must recognize that everything we need already exists in this world – there is enough for everyone. Adequate resources, including money and food, exist, but their distribution is unequal.

Through the establishment of a World Peace Temple, I aim to send a powerful signal to world leaders. If and when this temple becomes a reality, I also extend an invitation to them to witness firsthand the possibilities of healing for humankind.

Yildiz Celie

      Yildiz Celie

Do you believe You Can Make a Difference or you think Your Skills Matter in this case? Please get in touch. I Am Waiting for You.

Yildiz Celie, initiator of The Temple of Love

The 8 World Beliefs

We have the power to impact our future.
We should do something about it.

- Yildiz Celie

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