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Building a temple

If 11 million people donate 1 euro (= 1,06 dollar), there is already enough money to build a great temple. Let it be the beginning of world peace. We deserve to live in a save world.


When a trauma respons occurs, the body is remembering a sudden fear, the body starts fighting the tension and is not really able to release the stress it feels. The body holds it.


Under the name of The Temple of Love the idea is to organize ceremonies, festivals and retreats so people can start healing from trauma to stop  passing patterns which effects each other.


My name is Yildiz Celie (44). As a research journalist with 23 years of experience in releasing my own trauma, I think something has to change in the world. But I also believe I can help others.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future, and We’re Should Do Something About It


My name is Yildiz Celie (43). I have been born in Wognum in The Netherlands. A small village in the Province of North Holland. I would like to call in to say that our world leaders should stop going to war. End the war, to heal 7 generations of people with trauma. 

I believe that war lays a big fundament upon human lives. War victims of the third, second and third generation consciously and unconsciously give and have given so-called patterns through to each other.  Domestic violence, abuse, depression among other things can be passed along to the next generations.

A lot of violence is rooted in the wars where the world have been through. Stop the violence, so people really can heal. Medicines or methods to heal are even closer than we think and are ground vested in almost forgotten cultures and in todays modern science.

Let’s live together, and let us be free. Everybody is welcome in the world. We should realize that everything is already there in this world. There is enough for everybody. Enough money, enough food, but it is not evenly distributed.

With a World Peace Tempe I want to give a signal to the world leaders, and when it will be there one day, I also want to invite them to show how healing of mankind a is possible.

Yildiz Celie

      Yildiz Celie

Yildiz Celie, initiator of The Temple of Love


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